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 [Suikoden V] Case Report List(All 108 SoDs)

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PostSubyek: [Suikoden V] Case Report List(All 108 SoDs)   Sat Jun 07, 2008 5:42 pm

Case Report adalah kumpulan report tentang 108 SoDs(semacam rahasia mereka).Anda bisa menyewa Oboro sang detektif untuk menyelidiki Rahasia mereka.Berikut rangkuman dr 108 SoDs tersebut.

Sumber: Suikosource lg...
Urutan dari A-Z:


1.) Alhazred is a traveling book peddler... No, that's not right.
He's a collector of rare tomes. He doesn't collect the tomes to sell
them, he said, so the term "peddler" apparently offends him.

2.) He must be a very rich man. If he comes across a rare-enough
tome, he'll shell out enough cash to build a castle. Must be nice
having that kind of cash to throw around, eh?

3.) The other day, I saw him... It was the middle of the night, and
he was holding a hide-bound tome as if he were in love. And that was no
ordinary hide...


1.) Ax is a baby dragon horse still training in Gordius. When Nick officially becomes a Dragon Cavalry soldier,

he and Ax will be partners. They pretty much already are.

2.) He's full of curiosity and can be restless at times. But
curiosity is a sign of intelligence, so the Dragon Cavalry considers it
something of a virtue.

3.) It's hard to see, since he's still just a baby, but he's got
three horns. Three-horned dragon horses are very rare, so they expect
him to be something special one day.


1.) Babbage is an inventor from Estrise. Without exaggeration, the
man has devoted every fiber of his being to gears and nothing but.

2.) His masterpiece is the revolving bridge, but all of Estrise's
windmills are his, too. He wanted to build the windmills with their
gears exposed, but the sea winds would have worn them down, so he
reluctantly put 'em on the inside.

3.) He's a technical genius, but he's got no concept of how to take
care of himself. He left all the housework to Sorensen without so much
as a "thank you." Sorensen has got to be the most patient man...


1.) Bastan was a Haud Village art appraiser. He always had a very
hard time of it, trying to force his own aesthetic tastes into matching
up with Lord Barows'. But now, thanks to you, he knows he doesn't have
to do that anymore.

2.) He says he's less interested in paintings and sculptures than
he is in pottery and dishes. They're both useful in everyday life and
artistically valuable.

3.) He's got a family living somewhere else, and he sends them
money regularly. That's why he couldn't tear himself away from Haud
Village -- he had to support them.


1.) Belcoot used to be a gladiator, but he escaped ten years ago.
After training himself abroad, he came back to participate in the
Sacred Games. He made it all the way to the final match... But you know
how that went.

2.) Believe it or not, as good as he is now, he was a pretty lousy
gladiator back in the day. That's why no one knew who he was when he
appeared in the Sacred Games.

3.) It seems he gets along well with Dinn because they both use
those giant swords. I've seen 'em practice together, and they're not


1.) Bergen's a dwarf boy who calls himself Levi's "apprentice." His
work seems to consist of digging up Rune orbs for Levi to use in his

2.) He's not so much interested in becoming a wizard himself. He
just wants to watch Levi do his magic. Levi seems to know that, and
tends to take advantage of the boy. But if Bergen doesn't mind, I guess
it's all right.

3.) "I don't know about humans, but dwarves consider me a pretty good-looking guy!" he insists.


1.) Bernadette's the daughter of Admiral Skald Egan, the one in
charge of the Island Nations Federation Fleet. She's also the
Vice-Captain of the flagship, the Lino En Kuldes.

2.) She looks more like Admiral Egan's grandchild than his
daughter, being the youngest of eight siblings and all. Her siblings
are soldiers, explorers and shipping agents. Some she keeps in touch
with. Others, not so much.

3.) Georg once said she was in a position similar to Sialeeds. What do you suppose he meant by that?


1.) Boz is the lord of Estrise and a former Barows faction noble...
But he wants us to forget about that, he said. He has a wife and two
sons in Estrise.

2.) He's a devoted husband, and his wife's a fine lady, so they
rarely fight. Except one time -- apparently, she asked him to change
that hairstyle of his, and they almost had a divorce.

3.) Hmm. Well, he's pretty much on the up-and-up, so I couldn't dig
up much dirt. Except for one thing: The reason he prefers land battles
to sea battles, even though he's the lord of a port town, is that he
can't swim.


1.) Byakuren is a giant white serpent from Ceras Lake. At first,
she thought we were intruders and wanted to chase us out. Now she
thinks of us as her friends.

2.) She can't understant our speech, but it seems she's as smart as we are, regardless. She often talks with Genoh.

3.) She seems confident in her looks, but she sees Flail and Miroon
as rivals. I guess I sort of understand about Flail, but why Miroon, I


1.) Cathari is a mysterious woman, supposedly from the northern
continent. So far, here's what we know: She's met Lucretia, and she
carries a rare weapon called a "gun."

2.) She owns are rare Rune called the Godspeed Rune, which makes
her insanely fast. Between that and the gun, she's a killer. Because
you never see her till she shoots you dead, some people call her the
"Invisible Howl."

3.) Only a certain organization in the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia
knows how to manufacture her weapon. Nether Gate tried to steal their
technology, but failed. In retrospect, that's a very good thing.


1.) Chisato's a young lady who used to do puppet shows on Nirva
Island. She's amazing with voices -- she can produce any voice she
wants at any time.

2.) I thought her voices might be magical or something, but they
aren't. No magic, no gimmicks, just talent and practice. It's
incredible what people are capable of.

3.) Chisato doesn't know it, but she's a legend in the world of theater: "The Woman of a Thousand Voices."

Most people think she's a myth. If they knew better, I bet every theater group in the world would be clamoring for her.


1.) Chuck is the young man who guarded the Barows family's storage. Now he guards our storage here.

2.) He lost his family during the Armes invasion eight years ago. He drifted around, and wound up stumbling into Lord

Barows' mansion. As the guards drove him out, Luserina stood up for him, and he ended up staying with them.

3.) He used to tend the Barows gardens -- he loves flowers and trees. I wonder how those gardens are doing now...


1.) Cius used to be a guard at Agate Prison. But when they
imprisoned Lucretia, he became so concerned for her that he helped set
her free.

2.) He comes from a long line of Doraat military men. He's a real
straight arrow, and he'd normally rather die before defecting to the
enemy. Heh, Lucretia's a wicked woman for bringing him around to the
other extreme...

3.) He's a little too fussy about following rules, so the people of
Raftfleet, in particular, keep him at arm's length. Still, I guess an
army needs guys like him.


1.) Cornelio is an eccentric-- CREATIVE musician who wants to gather up DoReMi Elves and start an orchestra.

2.) He's got that DoReMi Rune, so gathering more DoReMi Elves makes his magic more powerful.

3.) Their fields are different, but he gets along well with
Josephine. Makes sense. They're both high-class, and all that. When the
two of them are together, I don't dare go near them. That's because I'm
a "mediocrity," you see.


1.) Craig is the Commander of the Dragon Cavalry. He's a great
leader. Even while he's fighting on the front line, he sees the big
picture and gives the right orders. All his men trust him with their

2.) He and Miakis's father are best friends, just like Rahal and Roog.

3.) He likes fishing, but he asked me not to tell Subala because
she'd challenge him to a competition. He said he fishes to relax, not
to compare his catch with someone else's.


1.) Dinn's head of the garrison in Sable. He's a reliable leader --
his men and his lord, Raulbel, agree on that. He looks like a man with
very few faults.

2.) Dinn used to be alone in the world. The last Lord Raulbel took
him in with the intention of making him a gladiator. Solis must have
talked his father out of that.

3.) He's courting Solis Raulbel's daughter, Salisha, with her
parents' approval. He's so devoted to her, I almost wonder who his real
master is.


1.) Dongo's a cave dwarf blacksmith. His master's a tyrant, always
yelling and calling him a "hack" or a "dimwit." But he's actually a
damn good smith.

2.) He loves forging weapons. He says that a fine blade is the true mark of a blacksmith's talent.

3.) You know those metal fittings that secure the rails of Wabon's
mining carts? Dongo's the one who made those. They say he helped with
the mining carts themselves, too. Wabon's got no business giving that
guy a hard time.


1.) Egbert is the descendant of the Aethelbald family, who fell
into ruin after being politically crushed by the Godwins about a
century ago. So he claims. I think. He's not the most coherent fellow

2.) After about a hundred years ago, all record of the Aethelbald
family suddenly stops, and nobody knows what happened to their
descendants after that. So Egbert's either a crazy old man, or he's a
crazy, honest old man.

3.) Whenever Egbert sees Mr. Mouse, he licks his lips. I guess now
we know how he managed to survive in that underground passage all this
time... Ugh.


1.) Well, you found her somewhere and brought her back with you. Beyond that... Give me some time on this one.

2.) Those clothes she's wearing are reserved for high-level clergy.
But you have to be at least 40 to attain a position that high, no
matter how fast you climb. Do they even make those clothes in her size?
That girl is one big mistery.

3.) Refresh my memory -- you said the two of you went into some
ruins in that place? I checked the place out, but I didn't see any


1.) A smart leopard that accompanies an animal tamer and gives
astonishingly eye-opening performances. That's Ernst's outward persona.
Turns out he's some unlucky kid -- a pretty boy, apparently -- who's
cursed because of some rune.

2.) If he really tries, he can turn back into a human temporarily.
During that time, he can harness the Rune's powers -- and those are
some powers, let me tell you. Also, for some reason, his curse takes a
break on full-moon nights.

3.) Ernst has a real sweet tooth, but no matter what he eats when
he's a leopard, it doesn't taste sweet. So when there's a full moon, he
tries to eat enough sweets to keep himself going for the next whole


1.) Euram is Lord Barows' son and heir. He's a fool, but a
tenacious fool, which makes him very hard to deal with. Although, to be
fair, he seems to have turned himself around now.

2.) Bet you didn't know this: Euram and Luserina used to have an
older sister, but she died of illness. They had an older brother, too.
He got himself assassinated. Then their mother became too afraid to set
foot outside.

3.) Maybe when his mother became phobic, he started acting like a
fool who'd always need his mommy. You know, for her sake. Maybe after
he'd been doing it long enough, he started thinking that was who he
really was.

That's my guess.
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PostSubyek: Re: [Suikoden V] Case Report List(All 108 SoDs)   Sat Jun 07, 2008 5:45 pm


1.) Faylen is Faylon's younger sister. One of Roy's bandits, or at least she used to be.

2.) Originally, Roy wasn't supposed to be the only one in disguise.
Faylen was supposed to dress up like Lyon, too. But when she showed Roy
her costume, he laughed so hard, she got mad and refused to wear it.

3.) Lyon asked me once, "I don't think Faylen likes me. Do you know why?" Ah, kids!


1.) Faylon is Faylen's older brother. He used to be one of Roy's bandits.

2.) He's a year older than Roy, but he acts like Roy's above him.
Actually, it seems like everyone's above him, even his own little
sister. And he doesn't seem to mind!

3.) When Roy was pretending to be you, Faylon tried pretending to
be Georg. But when he tried on the costume, it was so small, it got all
ripped up. And that was the end of that plan.


1.) Flail is Rahal's dragon horse. She's powerful and has great reflexes, and gets along very well with Rahal.

2.) As dragon horses go, she's very pretty. The males fight over
her all the time. Eventually, the males will sort out who gets to be
her mate. But, what with the state of emergency and all, they've put
that aside for now.

3.) She has a beautiful voice. Her cry sounds like a song. When
Rania heard her "lowing," it moved her to tears. Too bad Rania's the
only one who can hear that sort of thing.


1.) Fuwalafuwalu is the Elder of the beavers. If he rolls himself
up, he looks like a big furry ball. ... Oh, that last part's what Toma

2.) The average life expectancy of a beaver is about thirty years,
but Fuwalafuwalu is already beyond that. They say his father lived over
fifty years. I guess longevity runs in his family.

3.) Come to think of it, though, he's younger than I am... But I guess that's neither here nor there.


1.) Fuyo is a wonder. She single-handedly keeps the Oboro Detective
Agency's office running. She comes from a merchant's family, so
accounting and clerical work are right up her alley. Without her, we
would never survive.

2.) When Sagiri, Shigure, and I first opened the agency, Fuyo was
our very first client. I guess she couldn't stand how inefficient we
were, so after her investigation was over, she came back to help us.
She's been with us ever since.

3.) I thought Fuyo might run for the hills when she found out about
our past, but instead she stuck around. Said she wanted to work with us
as a family, for Sagiri and Shigure's sake. Like I said, she's a


1.) He's the oldest active Queen's Knight. Back in the Armes
invasion, he fought right on the front, brave as all hell. He's from
Lordlake, and ever since the uprising there two years ago, he seems
worried about something...

2.) He used to be married, but got divorced twenty years ago.
Actually, his ex-wife is in this castle right now. But it's probably
not my place to say who she is.

3.) Well, it's probably obvious by now, so I might as well just say
it: His ex-wife is Silva. They met on the battlefield when she was an
army doctor and, before long, they got married. What happened after
that is private, though...


1.) Gavaya is a fighter from Armes. But he apparently doesn't care
at all about his homeland anymore. He travels from country to country
now, looking for somebody to marry.

2.) Looks aside, Gavaya's a gentleman. He'd never dream of hurting
a woman in any way. Not even in a tournament -- if he winds up facing a
female competitor, he just withdraws.

3.) Looks like he knows Hazuki and Nikea from various tournament
circuits. I overheard he and Nikea moaning the other day about not
getting into the Sacred Games.


1.) Genoh is a giant tortoise that lived in the waterfall basin
upstream from Beaver Lodge. Surprisingly enough, he's just about as
smart as a human. Maybe even smarter. The beavers call him "Boss."

2.) He claims he's over a thousand years old, but that's a little
far-fetched. Whenever I ask him about the past, he just says he "cant
quite remember." But, hey, if it's true, it's amazing.

3.) Byakuren's been around awhile herself -- a little over a
hundred years -- so the two of them get along, it seems. I get the
impression that Genoh wants to be friends more than she does, though.


1.) Georg has always been a great warrior. That's why Falena and
Ferid made him a Queen's Knight so quickly. He's been in a difficult
position since the day the Sun Palace was attacked, but I guess you
know all about that.

2.) Before coming to Falena, he was in the Scarlet Moon Empire, on
the Northern continent. Believe it or not, he was one of the Six Great
Generals. They called him "Deathblow Georg." But, apparently, Ferid
knew him even before all that.

3.) I don't know about that left eye of his... Usually, when a
man's blind in one eye, he moves or acts like he has a blind spot. Not
Georg, though...


1.) Goesch is a young farmer from Lordlake. He's a real leader among the youth.

2.) He loves Lordlake more than anyone, but he's sensible enough
not to let those feelings get the better of him. Word is, he even
stayed out of the uprising two years ago.

3.) Since the uprising, Lordlake's youth kept wanting to storm
Hatred Fortress, but Goesch always talked them out of it. He didn't
want to lose more friends in vain, he said.


1.) Gunde's your typical cave dwarf in just about every way. He's good friends with Logg, apparently.

2.) Even by dwarf standards, he's one of the best diggers around. He digs fast, accurately, and as quietly as possible.

3.) Years ago, Godwin soldiers stuck Gunde's father with a bogus
charge and threw him in jail. But Logg helped Gunde's father escape.
After that, Gunde started helping Logg with his work.


1.) Haleth's an ex-bureaucrat from the Hershville Naval Base. Not what you'd call a bad guy, but shady as hell. He loves to

gamble, and embezzlement's right up his alley. Not to mention all those forged documents.

2.) You know about Logg's fugitive-smuggling runs? Haleth used to
help with those by forging passports and IDs. No doubt, that experience
came in handy when he went on to fudge all those cargo receipts.

3.) He organizes betting on dragon horse races, apparently without
the Cavalry's permission. But pretty much all the Cavalry soldiers like
gambling, so Commander Laden just looks the other way.


1.) Haswar is the oracle of Lunas. She's the daughter of Lady
Shahrewar, the late Queen's older sister. So that makes her Queen
Arshtat and Lady Sialeeds' cousin.

2.) She has a tendency to give big hugs to anyone she thinks is
cute. Toma, Maroon -- Fuyo, even. Although Fuyo doesn't complain about
it all that much...

3.) Since the only women left now in Falena's royal family are the
Princess and Lady Haswar herself, she's worried about the family dying


1.) Hazuki's a beautiful young swordswoman. She followed Belcoot
here. It's odd... As clueless as Belcoot is about women, he sure can
reel them in, can't he?

2.) She actually comes from a family of government sword
instructors. She took a journey to hone her skills, and lost to Belcoot
in Kanakan. She's sworn not to go home again until she gets even.

3.) Over the course of her travels, she met Nikea and Gavaya. When
she first met Gavaya, he was so persistent in his marriage proposals
that she actually drew her sword on him.


1.) Isabel calls herself "the heir to the Maximillian Knights'
aspirations." And she's got the skills and conviction to back that up.
She's a very strong woman. Good-looking, too.

2.) The Maximillian Knights used to operate in the Scarlet Moon
Empire, on the northern continent. But because they acted on their own
convictions, without the Emperor's permission, they were dissolved.

3.) When Isabel, Zerase and Cathari are together, no man can
approach them. All three are pretty overbearing, but they're as capable
as their attitude implies, so better keep your distance.


1.) He's both the chief cleric in Lunas and the Oracle Haswar's right-hand man. Also, believe it or not, he's an elf.

2.) Elves age much more slowly than humans, so he must be a lot
older than he looks. He's probably been a cleric longer than most of
his peers have been alive.

3.) He's from a hidden elf village called Alseid. Supposedly, it's
up in the North Woods of Lunas, but no human's ever set foot there in
the history of time.


1.) Oh, Jeane's a Rune mistress. She came to Lelcar from Sol - Falena. Beautiful, isn't she? And she's damn good at her job.

2.) Eh? You want to know about Jeane? Well, hmm... You know, there are some doors you're really better off not opening...

3.) So you really want to know, eh? All right, fine. Jeane is... a
very nice young lady, with absolutely no mind-boggling secrets to hide.
None whatsoever. Moving on...


1.) Josephine is a young lady who searched throughout Haud Village
for culture. Culture. In Haud Village. I'm not going to say anything...

2.) She apparently makes all of those odd clothes and parasols herself. Good for her.

3.) What a shock, eh? I'd heard the rumors about the Valya family's
daughter running away, but who would've thought it would turn out to be
Josephine? By the way, it's a moot point now, but good thing Lord
Barows never found out.
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Jumlah posting : 248
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PostSubyek: Re: [Suikoden V] Case Report List(All 108 SoDs)   Sat Jun 07, 2008 5:48 pm


1.) We don't know much about Killey -- not even why he was locked
up in Agate Prison. He seems to be researching the Sindar civilization,
but I'm still trying to find out why.

2.) When Lord Godwin held a gathering of Sindar civilization
experts, Killey showed up. Not to help out or anything -- he just
couldn't resist the chance to snag that much Sindar information all at

3.) I don't think there's any doubt he's from this country. I asked
him which city. but he wouldn't tell me. He only said, "You wouldn't
know it even if I told you." Heh, i doubt that.


1.) Kisara serves as Raja's aide. She's also Logg's wife and Lun's mother.

2.) She's still beautiful even now, but when she was young, word of
her beauty spread even outside of Raftfleet. When she decided to marry
Logg, the men of Raftfleet were just about ready to kill him.

3.) I found out how their romance began! Well, it's a really nice
story, but I was asked to keep it a secret... They haven't even told
Lun, apparently. So I guess I'd better not tell you. Sorry...


1.) Well, needless to say, Kyle is a Queen's Knight. People thought
he sided with the Barows faction, but that was just a rumor. Back at
the Sun Palace, he played a crucial role in your escape... But you know
that better than I do, of course.

2.) When he was in Lelcar, Volga often looked after him. Even as a
kid, he hit on every girl in sight, whenever he wasn't pummeling his
sparring partners. Even for Volga, that kid must've been a handful.

3.) About 10 years ago, he had some trouble in Lelcar, packed his
bags, and left. During the Armes invasion, he became a volunteer
soldier and fought like mad. His performance caught Ferid's eye, and
that led him to what he is today.


1.) Lance is Roog's dragon horse. The two of them are alike in
every way. Well, at least according to Rahal. I wonder what he meant

2.) When he was younger, he had such a violent temper, they worried
nobody'd be able to ride him. Even now, if someone tries to ride him
when Roog's not around, he flips out and goes completely wild.

3.) He's a big eater, but a picky one, too. He only eats fresh, fat
fish. That's the only point he and Roog differ on, Rahal said. I wonder
what he meant by that.


1.) Lelei used to be a guard at Agate Prison, but she fell for
Lucretia's pretty-- I MEAN, she was concerned about Lucretia, so she
came with her. Now, she's kind of Lucretia's...assistant.

2.) As a female prison guard, she was assigned to watch Lucretia.
Maybe that's why she was the first one to go over to Lucretia's side.
Ever since then, Lucretia has been teaching her military strategy, I

3.) She stands so tall that all the girls admire her. But actually,
she wishes she were a little shorter. When she's by herself, she


1.) Levi calls himself a "Rune Magic scholar," and doesn't like to
be called a "sorcerer" or a "wizard." Me being a layperson, I don't see
the difference...

2.) One time, I saw him talking to that serpentine staff of his. Is that normally part of his "research"?

3.) He seems incredibly interested in Zerase and Jeane. Not "that"
kind of interest, mind you -- it's all about his research. So he says.


1.) Linfa's said, on the record, "I'd rather gamble than eat." But
she's terrible at hiding her emotions, so she's not a very good
gambler. What are we going to do with her?

2.) To get away from her gambling debts, she'll not only cheat, but
even break out the old feminine wiles. She's slipped past plenty of
guys that way. And not just g-- I really shouldn't say any more.

3.) Well, she really hasn't cheated people out of THAT much
money... When you get right down to it, she's not quite a "bad girl"
yet. And she gave you back your money, right?


1.) Logg is Raftfleet's jack-of-all-trades. He's Kisara's husband, and Lun's father.

2.) How he won Kisara's heart is one of Raftfleet's seven wonders.
As in, mysteries beyond all comprehension. There was no sign that they
were even going out, and then, all of a sudden, they announced their

3.) Logg probably told you that, back when he was young, he and
Gunde used to smuggle fugitives. I hear he did the same for gladiators,
although Belcoot doesn't seem to have been one of them.


1.) Lorelai is a gorgeous girl ( if I do say so ), devoted to
pursuing the Sindar civilization's mysteries. But she's quite a mystery

2.) On one of her "expeditions," she wound up trapped in the Deep
Twilight Forest's ruins...with Killey. She won't say how they got out,
but I heard her mumble something about Viki. But Viki...well, Viki
sounds clueless about it.

3.) I've seen Gavaya follow Lorelai, Hazuki, and Norma around.
They're all very pretty girls, so I guess I can understand how he
feels, but still...


1.) Lu's a quirky kid who likes mechanical gizmos. She's not so
much interested in what they do, or how they're built... She just likes
the way they're shaped and the way they move. Eh, kids like toys, I

2.) Guess she's forgotten all about that time she called you "Apprentice Number 2." Not a care in the world, that girl.

3.) You know that revolving crossbow she's got? Babbage designed
it, and Sorensen put it together. Not sure, but there may be a
mechanism in there to link the crossbow with her other equipment


1.) Lucretia was Lord Godwin's tactician, but she got in the way of
his ambitions, and he and his family locked her up. Later, this great
Prince came along and rescued her, and she became his tactician. That's
about the gist of it.

2.) Lord Godwin originally found her on a trip to the northern
continent and came back with her. At first, people called her his
mistress, but after all she did during the Armes invasion, no one ever
bad-mouthed her again.

3.) She always carries this unusal necklace, with braided cord and
gems, but I've never seen her wear it. It looks like it might have come
from a Grasslands clan, way up to the north.


1.) Lun is Logg and Kisara's daughter. She used to help her father
in his jack-of-all-trades work. She always has so much energy, and not
enough to do with it.

2.) She really respects her mother, and hopes to be like her one
day. The way she's going, though, she may well turn out like her father
instead. But that's just part of her charm.

3.) She's growing more and more every day. Pretty soon, she's gonna
catch up with her mother, if you know what I mean... Hey, nothing but
the straight facts, right?


1.) She's Lord Barows' daughter, but she's got none of her father's
black-heartedness or her brother's incompetence. Believe it or not,
she's a genuinely good person. Competent, too.

2.) Here's something our sources just came across: Lord Barows
planned for you and Luserina to marry! Of course, you probably already
knew that...

3.) It took some digging, but I found a flaw in her character: She
doesn't get the concept of art. It doesn't matter what she's looking
at. Any painting, any sculpture -- she has no idea if it's good or bad.
Blame her dad for that one.


1.) You know Lyon better than I do, but here goes... Ferid took her
in 8 years ago, and she displayed remarkable skill with a blade. She
was then chosen to become both a Queen's Knight apprentice and Your
Highness' bodyguard.

2.) Actually, if you want to know, Ferid once asked me to find her
real parents. I checked everywhere, but... nothing. Lyon's probably
better off not knowing about that, though...

3.) I remember Lyon when she used to be in Nether Gate. As striking
as her skills were, what sticks in my memory most is the color of her
eyes. You know what I mean, right?


1.) She's a very energetic young lady, with a job at the inn over
in Stormfist. I guess a lot happened during the Sacred Games, but she's
too cheerful to let bad times bring her down.

2.) Her parents died when she was little, and the couple at the inn took her in as their own.

3.) She's very expressive with her emotions. Every time she sees
Hazuki tagging along with Belcoot, she frowns with jealousy. Kids. They
don't know how good it is to be so young...


1.) Maroon is the young leader of the beavers, in practice if not
in name. He's also Fuwalafuwalu's right-hand man. And he's the oldest
of the five siblings.

2.) By beaver standards, he's already a young man, but his actual
age isn't all that different from Toma's. Let me guess what you're
thinking: "Oh, okay. That explains it, then."

3.) Lately, he's been Haswar's favourite. He pouts and insists he's too old to be called "cute," but Haswar is oblivious.


1.) Mathias is Isabel's slave-- Excuse me, "assistant." They came
together all the way from the northern continent, but they've had no
trouble fitting in around here.

2.) You or I might think his commitment to Isabel's a little extreme, but he calls it "his sole reason for being." Go figure.

3.) When Mathias, Dinn and Rahal were training in the dojo, this huge crowd of women came to watch and caused a stir.


1.) Meroon is the fourth sibling of the five. She makes that
mysterious beaver sound: "Nuooooh." What do you mean, "Beavers don't
make that sound?"

2.) Even after all the other beavers shut themselves up in their
lodge, she came out to Raftfleet all by herself. I guess she just loves
having fun, no matter what else is going on.

3.) For some reason, she's the only one Moroon never, ever tries to cross.


1.) Miakis is a Queen's Knight, and the Princess' bodyguard. Well,
not just a bodyguard. Much closer than that, by all accounts. But I
guess you would know more about all that than I do.

2.) She's the kind of person who could get along with just about
anybody, but I hear Alenia couldn't stand her. I guess it was some kind
of instinctual thing...

3.) Her father was a Dragon Cavalry soldier. When his daughter
became a Queen's Knight, he retired, and he and his wife began a
leisurely trip around the world. Even Miakis doesn't know where they're
traveling right now.


1.) Miroon is the second beaver sibling of the five. She loves baths, and works at the hot springs inn over in Yashuna Village.

2.) Apparently, beavers consider her a peerless beauty. I'll take their word for it.

3.) When Gavaya tried to peek into the women's bath, I hear she
sent him to the infirmary with a single blow. I hesitate to say this,
but I think she might actually be super-strong...


1.) Mohsen's a merchant. He used to run a huge armor shop in
Lelcar. He was one of the Godwin faction's biggest supporters, right up
until his shop got torched.

2.) I suppose it'd be smart business for any armorer to support
Lord Godwin, but Mohsen didn't care about the money. He genuinely
believed in Lord Godwin's cause. That betrayal must have cut him to the

3.) He often goes around asking warriors how comfortable their
armor is, or if they have any requests. Then he uses their answers to
help shape his marketing strategies. The man loves his work, doesn't


1.) Moroon is the youngest beaver sibling of the five. He used to
live as a lone wanderer. Hated both beavers and humans, he said. But he
let his siblings talk him into coming here.

2.) Two years ago, when the beavers were forced to build Hatred
Fortress, Moroon was just a little kid. He must've hated every second
of it.

3.) He carries something that looks like some kind of foreign,
stringed instrument. But really, it's just a wooden board and stick put
together to make a mallet.


1.) Mueller is Wilhelm's first officer in the Lindwurm Mercenary
Brigade. Wilhelm has a laid-back approach to command, so it's on
Mueller to keep things moving.

2.) They call him a "tyrant." He calls men "useless" for slacking
off, curses them out, hits them with a rod, and scares them senseless.
But other than that, he's pretty reasonable, so his troops don't hate
him, apparently.

3.) Richard is extremely attached to him, but Mueller won't tell me
anything about why. In fact, when I pestered him about it, he
threatened me with that metal rod of his. Can you believe it?


1.) There's no better expert on medicines. He proved that at the
Sacred Games, and again when Ferid asked him to prepare that Dark
Arcanum antidote.

2.) He and Silva studied medicine under the same teacher, who taught them all about "humanitarian principles," apparently.

3.) After the uprising two years ago, he packed for Lordlake, too.
But when he heard Silva was already there, he changed his mind.
Lordlake wasn't the only place that needed doctors, he said.


1.) Muroon is Fuwalafuwalu's assistant. All beavers are good at
digging and building, but he's especially gifted. He's the middle
sibling of the five.

2.) Even though he's the third sibling, he looks older than Maroon, who's the oldest. That seems to worry him.

3.) Supposedly, he's the only beaver who can actually read Miroon's facial expressions.


1.) Nakula used to be a lancer of the Armes Southern Mountain
Corps, under General Jidan Guisu. But after getting injured, he stayed
behind in Sable... And you know all about the rest, Your Highness.

2.) His family had a lot of prestige in the Darja Clan, one of the
five major clans of Armes. But his father, the head of the family,
advocated drastic measures against Falena, and got killed by Nether

3.) Nakula has a twin brother back in his home country, but they
haven't seen each other for a long time. It seems his brother thinks
the life he's leading now is more important than avenging his father.


1.) Nelis is an Island Nations Federation soldier. Just like Yahr,
she's been assigned the special duty of finding and gathering up shells
for the Rune Cannons.

2.) Yahr calls his work just a "cushy job," but Nelis, on the other hand, specially volunteered for the assignment.

3.) Apparently, someone in her family helped invent the Rune Cannon
150 years ago, and the family's passed down the guilt. It's ancient
history, and she had nothing to do with it, but I guess she's the type
who has a hard time letting go.


1.) The boy's been training hard in Gordius to become a Dragon
Cavalry soldier. He's not officially "there" yet, but he and Ax are
already like partners.

2.) He's the best swordsman in his class and his riding's
top-notch, but at playing the flute, he's just hopeless. He says it's
because he can't sing, but you don't have to be a good singer to play
an instrument.

3.) Once, when Roy, Richard, and Nick were talking, they saw
Nifsara staring at them with a big smile on her face. Three pretty boys
at once -- she must have been overwhelmed!


1.) She and Sharmista are Shula's bodyguards in the Armes Western
Marine Corps. Nifsara's an expert in Armes' special weapon, the long

2.) I heard Nifsara became Shula's bodyguard because he's such a
handsome "boy" ( if you can call him that -- he's older than she is ).
She's always liked that sort of guy. Hey, at least she knows what she
wants, eh?

3.) One of Armes' better-known tactics is group spearmanship,
carried out by teams of three spearmen. Nifsara's been trained for it,
I'm sure.
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1.) You think of most martial artists as serious folks, but Nikea's
just bright and bubbly, all the time. She tried to sign up for the
Sacred Games, apparently thinking it was just another martial arts

2.) She frequents martial arts competitions across various
countries, wreaking havoc wherever she goes. Guess she's good at what
she does, if she can live off the prize money like that.

3.) She's a real pig. Not to say that she's ugly, or has a snout or
anything, but have you SEEN that girl eat? Forget martial arts -- she
could make twice the money in eating contests!


1.) Norden was Vice-Captain of the Barows garrison. After the
Lordlake uprising, he resigned and started drinking, but we persuaded
him to tell us the real story.

2.) Euram was technically Norden's superior, but Norden was the
real man in charge. Still, whenever Euram spouted orders, usually on a
whim, Norden couldn't go against him. That's how the trouble started...

3.) Did you hear his wife left him? We actually went out and found
her. Apparently, she had no idea why Norden started drinking. We told
her everything. Probably overstepped our bounds a bit in the process,
but hey...


1.) At first glance, Norma looks like any other wandering
entertainer accompanied by a wild beast. You'd never know she's out to
find a wizard who can break the curse on her childhood friend. She said
they came from across the western sea.

2.) She became an entertainer because that was the only way she and
Ernst could travel without arousing suspicion. She says the whole gig's
embarrassing, but she actually looks like she's enjoying herself to me.

3.) Her hobby is making sweets. She wasn't always very good at
it... But she learned for Ernst's sake, to give him something good to
eat on those full-moon nights. Heartwarming, eh?


1.) Oboro is an excellent detective. Swift investigations, privacy
guaranteed, nothing but the straight facts. His hobby is making
business cards. Is that good enough? This is kind of embarassing...

2.) You know my assistant, Mr. Mouse? Well, actually, there's more
than one of them! Eh? How'd I train them? Well, there are some secrets
I'm sworn to protect...

3.) I grew up in Nether Gate. The intelligence division,
specifically, so I had a lot of opportunities to get to know the
outside world. It gave me a lot to think about...


1.) Orok's an influential man, especially in Lelcar. He controls
the western islet. His men look intimidating but, just like Orok
himself, they're all pretty good guys.

2.) The mansion he's using belonged to Lord De Beers. When De Beers was about to flee, Orok persuaded him to loan it out.

3.) He says he's against the Godwins right now on account of their
hypocrisy, but his core beliefs haven't changed. That's probably why he
still argues with Volga so much.


1.) Rahal's an ace, and the Dragon Cavalry's proud of him.
Commander Craig Laden considers him his best advisor. The way he and
Flail move on the battlefield - like the two of them together are one
spirit - no one can top that.

2.) The Dragon Cavalry's female fans have him pegged as the most
popular. Roog's the runner-up. But the two of them are usually
together, so that makes things easy on all their admirers.

3.) When he was a kid, he and his older sister used to play all
kinds of pranks, where they'd switch clothes and pretend to be each
other. No wonder he doesn't mind disguising himself as a woman now.


1.) Raja's an elderly lady, and the leader of Raftfleet. Everybody
calls her "Admiral" because she was the Commander of the Royal Navy
until a few years ago.

2.) She joined the Navy when she was still just a girl. She quickly
rose through the ranks and before long, they started calling her
"Hurricane Raja." Back then, people from Raftfleet were looked down
upon, but that didn't bother her at all.

3.) The Queen before last -- your great-grandmother -- appointed
her Commander of the Royal Navy. Soon after, Raftfleet was granted
autonomy. If it weren't for Raja, Raftfleet probably wouldn't be what
it is today.


1.) Rania is Rahal's older sister. She's a craftswoman,
specializing in those flutes the Dragon Cavalry uses. Her flutes are so
popular with both soldiers and dragon horses that she has orders piled
up for years in advance.

2.) A Cavalry soldier's flute has to be able to make sounds that
only dragon horses can hear, so they're hard to make. But, apparently,
Rania can hear those sounds, too, and they say that's why her flutes
work so well.

3.) Rania can hear lots of things regular humans can't, including
dragon horse voices. Maybe that's why she seems so eccentric. None of
us are equipped to understand what she's talking about.


1.) Raven's what we call a "phantom thief." "Midnight Raven" is our nickname for him, whether he likes it or not.

2.) His Raven Rune lets him hide in darkness. He never uses it for
anything other than larceny, but I guess it might come in handy if you
were, say, exploring a cave.

3.) An uppity client had us capture Raven one time, but then
refused to pay us what he promised. So when we handed Raven over, we
didn't mention his Raven Rune, and thanks to that, he busted out
easily. You'd think he'd be grateful!


1.) Retso is a chef from the east. His wife passed away several
years ago, and ever since then, he and his daughter Shun Min have been
traveling around, studying the culinary arts

2.) His specialty is fish, especially sashimi. His knife handling
and presentation are sheer works of art. And I looked into these things
personally, just to be sure. Check your bill for the expenses.

3.) He came to this castle to try and unravel the mysteries of his
teacher's dish, "Mythical Fish Sashimi." He said something about making
some progress, that the secret might not have anything to do with the
mythical fish after all.


1.) Richard is one of the big shots in Wilhelm's unite of the
Lindwurm Mercenary Brigade. He's the best of the best when it comes to
the sword -- they even call him the "Blademaster." But he's so
easygoing, you'd never know it.

2.) They say he joined the Sacred Games because Mueller told him
to, as a joke. Belcoot says he's not sure he could've won if he he'd
had to face Richard.

3.) No matter how many times I ask him, he won't tell me why he's
so crazy about Mueller, or how it all got started. Anything else, he'll
blab about forever, but he just won't talk about Mueller. Must be extra
personal, whatever it is.
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1.) Roog's a fiery swordsman. Quick as a whirlwind, strong as the
stormy seas. He's head of the Assault Squad, the Dragon Cavalry's
vanguard. When he and Lance go charging out together, they're

2.) Every Dragon Cavalry trainee in Gordius sees him as a "big
brother" figure. According to Rahal, though, that's because Roog and
the trainees are mentally about the same age.

3.) Long ago, he tussled with Lance -- who never let humans near him -- an entire day to prove himself a worthy partner.


1.) Roy used to disguise himself as you, Your Highness, while out
on bandit raids and such. Word is, Euram's the one who put him up to

2.) He looks so much like you, it made me wonder is there wasn't
some kind of blood relationship. So I checked it out, but apparently
there isn't. The resemblance really is just a big coincidence.

3.) Even here in the castle, I hear he still sometimes disguises himself as you and pulls pranks. Keep an eye out.


1.) Sagiri is not only a very capable investigator, she's also a
member of our family. At least, that's how I think of her. I hope she
feels the same way.

2.) Nether Gate's chief trainer was a horrible woman. She thought
that having a little girl come up to people and smile would catch them
off guard, so she trained poor Sagiri to smile all the time.

3.) I wanted Sagiri and Shigure to have a normal life, so we all
live together now. In all the last eight years, I've never seen Sagiri
without that damn smile. Nether Gate's destroyed everything it's ever


1.) You wouldn't know it to look at him today, but Sairoh was once
a great merchant. A legend, almost. He retired quite a while ago, but
he decided to open up shop again for your sake, Your Highness.

2.) Back in his prime, the scope of his business stretched all
across Falena, and even beyond. You can see why his grandson Shinro
would want to be just like him.

3.) There were even rumors long ago that he sold arms to both sides
in times of war, or even hired out mercenaries. It's even been said
that the reason he retired is because the rumors got to be too much for
him. Well, that's all history now.


1.) Sharmista may seem like Shula's private secretary, but she's
actually a high-ranking staff officer in the Armes Western Marine
Corps. She also serves as Shula's bodyguard, and she's great at magic,
so she joins in battles.

2.) Like Shula, she's from an influential family of the Madra Clan. She and Shula have known each other since childhood. And

I hear she and Nifsara are practically family, too.

3.) The other day, I saw Sharmista, Jeane, and Nelis out walking
together after their bath. A bunch of guys nearby completely forgot
what they'd been doing and just stood there staring at them,


1.) Ah! Shigure is one of our investigators. He might seem lazy,
but he's... Well, okay, he IS lazy. Let's just say his work's not
exactly incompetent and leave it at that.

2.) Fuyo's always telling him those bangs of his are driving her
crazy, and to cut them, but he refuses. I guess he doesn't want anybody
to see his eyes.

3.) Until eight years ago, he never had any expression on his face
at all. It's a wonder he can show his emotions even as much as he does
now. It's partly thanks to Fuyo, and also because Shigure cares about
Sagiri and wants to help her.


1.) Shinro's an energetic young man. He used to have an item shop
in Raftfleet. His dream is to one day become a great merchant like his
grandfather Sairoh.

2.) You know, I thought he carried that huge abacus around just to
impress his customers. I was wrong -- he really does use it to figure
change. How strong IS he?

3.) Both his parents died when he was little. His grandfather
Sairoh's been his only family ever since. Come to think of it, it was
right after Shinro's parents -- Sairoh's son and his wife -- died that
Sairoh retired.


1.) Shoon is good at kung fu, as you saw when you faced him in the
Sacred Games' opening ceremony. No more gladiator games for him, though
-- he's free now.

2.) His hometown's so small and remote that it's not on the map. To
support his poor family, he volunteered as a gladiator -- as a boy,
mind you. But now that the Godwins have lost their grip on his village,
he's free to do what he wants.

3.) He gets along well with Nikea. Makes sense -- they're both martial artists. They like to spar together.


1.) The New Armes Kingdom has five major clans. Shula comes from
the Madra Clan's Valya family. He's the Commander of the Western Marine

2.) Armes' five major clans constantly struggle over national
policy. King Jalat's Ishvaak Clan and Shula's Madra Clan are both
moderate factions. The Darja Clan's more militant, as their Southern
Mountain Corps proves.

3.) Because he's from Armes, people were cautious of him at first.
But now they're starting to welcome Armes people left and right, like
Sharmista and Nifsara. Guess they're good at fitting in.

Shun Min:

1.) Shun Min is Retso's daughter. She helps him in his restaurant. I heard her late mother taught her how to raise fish.

2.) The restaurant customers all say that they always finish their
food, even if they have to force it down. That's because, if they
don't, Shun Min looks at them with such big, sad eyes...

3.) She told me if she ever gets married, it'll only be to someone
who cooks better than her father does. She may stay single for quite a


1.) Well, this is an easy one. You know Lady Sialeeds well, I'm sure. She's Queen Arshtat's younger sister, and your aunt.

2.) Some people say she should be more serious. They say it's
unbecoming for royality to be so easy going. But that's natural when
she gets out so much, and that was her job: Observing the real world on
the Queen's behalf.

3.) She was never a morning person, even as a child. I asked Silva
about it, and she said it wasn't a case of low blood pressure or
anything like that. Apparently, it's just the way she is.


1.) Silva hasn't got much of a bedside manner, but she's a hell of a doctor, regardless.

2.) When the Queen turned her wrath on Lordlake and scared other
doctors away, she was the only one to stay and help. Because of that,
she actually lost her license, and she's been practicing without one
ever since. Good for her, I say.

3.) She traveled more when she was younger, never staying in a
particular clinic for long. She volunteered to be an army doctor and
saved lots of wounded troops on the battlefield. That's how she met...
you know, "him."


1.) Sorensen is the apprentice of Babbage, the inventor from Estrise.

2.) They say Sorensen respects Babbage from the bottom of his
heart, but I think it's Sorensen that deserves the respect. I mean,
there he is, taking care of all the household chores all by himself,
for such a weird -- ECCENTRIC, uh, genius...

3.) And if taking care of Babbage weren't bad enough, he has to
visit with Lu every time she comes over, AND clean up afterwards...
Seriously, I salute that guy.


1.) Subala used to be a fisherwoman in Raftfleet. She's even
rougher and coarser than Lun-- And by that I mean, she's a very
energetic, kind individual. Really.

2.) Her fishing skills put men to shame. It's hard to believe with
her build, but she can pull in enormous fish as if they were nothing.
Retso used to buy fish from her and serve them up in his restaurant.

3.) The reason she acts like Lun's rival is because Lun stole her
first love away. Well, that's what she says. Meanwhile, Lun says she
doesn't remember anything about that. That sort of thing happens when
you're young, I guess.


1.) Takamu was originally a court official at the Sun Palace. Then
Ferid ordered him to make an accurate map of Falena, and Takamu
dedicated his life to that one task.

2.) I asked Shigure to find flaws in Takamu's maps. Not that I
doubted him or anything -- I was just curious. When Shigure got back,
he just went off, yelling, "These maps don't have any flaws! Don't
waste my time like this!"

3.) One of his talents is a great sense of direction. They say he
never gets lost, not even in caves or deep forests. If ever a man was
meant for cartography, he's the one.


1.) Talgeyl used to be Lord Rovere's steward. He even had a noble's
title, but he gave that up two years ago. Even without a title, though,
he's naturally become Lordlake's leader, and everyone there counts on

2.) After the uprising, word is that he actually planned to follow
Lord Rovere to the grave. But the way things were at the time, if he'd
gone through with it, others might've done the same. That's why he
didn't do it in the end.

3.) He's as polite as he is stubborn. I heard he clashed with Raja the other day over how to make tea, of all things.


1.) Taylor's a newspaper reporter, known for his wild ways of
getting material. You know that whole story about how he got arrested
for being too aggressive with his investigation of the Godwins, right?

2.) I've known him well for quite a while. We're both in the
information business, so we sometimes meet and swap tidbits. Only
difference is that I guard secrets. He exposes them. That gets awkward
sometimes, let me tell you.

3.) When he was younger, he probably wouldn't have helped us like
he did with Doraat. He used to hold this belief that a journalist had
to be impartial and fair. But after he realized who he should be
reporting for, he changed.
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1.) Toma is an energetic boy from Lordlake. He mentioned you rescued him once when he was in trouble?

2.) The other kids treat him like a leader. They all adore him and call him their big brother.

3.) The kid's got good instincts. One time, we had Shigure try to
sneak up on him, and he noticed right away. Maybe he'd be good at
martial arts?


1.) Urda is...wait for it...an elf. She's Isato's childhood friend, and supposedly came here to take him back with her.

2.) The elves think humans are barbarous creatures that cheat, betray, and kill each other. Not that I disagree, necessarily...

3.) Nearly every elf is a master of the bow. Just two archers, firing in succession, can easily control a wide area.


1.) Viki's a strange girl. We know that she owns the Blinking Rune,
and that she can teleport. Besides her background and her abilities,
we're also trying to figure out her personality...

2.) Besides teleportation, she also has the amazing power to sleep
standing up. One time, as a prank, Wilhelm was going to write on her
face while she was napping, but he got teleported off somewhere. Guess
she was only half-asleep.

3.) Come to think of it, during the Island Liberation War 150 years
ago, King Obel had a teleporting magician on his side. One of Viki's
ancestors, maybe...?


1.) Volga's an influential man. He controls Lelcar's eastern islet. He's got charisma and a strong sense of duty.

2.) Surprisingly enough, he doesn't like conflict. But he hates
compromising his principles even more. You can see why he and Lord De
Beers didn't get along. De Beers was always flip-flopping.

3.) His nature won't allow him to ignore those in need. He used to
take in orphans and care for them. Kyle was one of those orphans.


1.) Other than the master/apprentice thing, cave dwarves don't
really have any sort of "rank" in their social structure. But with that
influential voice, and the way other dwarves respect him, I guess you
could say he's their "elder" of sorts.

2.) I hear they call him the "Master of Mine Carts," and rightly
so. It'd be impossible for a human to make carts the way he does. Well,
maybe Babbage could pull it off, but if there aren't any gears
involved, he's not interested.

3.) When Wabon, Isato and Alhazred are together, this blinding light streams off their...intellects.


1.) Wasil's the man in charge of Lelcar's central islet. He's got
the thankless task of mediating between the eastern and western islets.
I don't envy that man. Those two sides are on very bad terms.

2.) He doesn't belong to the Godwin or the Barows faction. If
anything, he's on the Queen's side. He was good friends with Lord
Rovere, and made a petition to save his life during the uprising two
years ago.

3.) Ever since Queen Arshtat had the good fortune of marrying
Ferid, Wasil's been hoping to marry an Island Nations woman. He's still
single for now, but it seems he hasn't given up hope yet.


1.) Wilhelm commands one of the Lindwurm Mercenary Brigade units.
He can be quite a problem, though, 'cause he loves to tease women.

2.) The Lindwurm Mercenary Brigade has about 5,000 members. Of
course, not many countries are in the market for that many mercenaries
at once, so they're broken up into small units, like Wilhelm's, and
sent out to various jobs.

3.) I happened to ask if he'd know Mueller before they both joined
the Brigade. He told me, "Unfortunately." They used to do odd jobs
together, right along that line between "mercenary" and "bandit."


1.) Yahr's an Island Nations Federation soldier with a special
assignment: He finds and gathers Rune shells. At first, he did it on
his own, but they just assigned Nelis to work with him.

2.) So he found a Rune shell, then destroyed it. Hmm, first time
for everything. No way he did it on purpose.... Although now I'm
hearing that he hasn't turned in the other shells he's found...

3.) He said he knew about Nelis' family history.


1.) Yoran is a dragon-horse stable boy. In Gordius, he was just in charge of Ax, but here, he looks after all the dragon horses.

2.) He follows Nick around all the time, but he's not just a
tagalong -- he keeps Nick out of trouble. This despite Nick being the
older of the two...

3.) He's spent so much time in Gordius that he's got no experience
with women. And, unlike Nick, he has a hard time saying no. So some
women treat him like a plaything. Not that SOME guys wouldn't mind...


1.) As you know, Zegai was Lord Barows' gladiator and was supposed to fight for Euram in the Sacred Games.

2.) He comes from a small, nomadic hunting tribe. They roam the
continent, not caring whose borders they cross. His tribe happened to
be in Armes when he was born, so Armes considers him one of their own.

3.) A few years ago, he was out on a hunt when he barely crossed
Falena's border. He got arrested for looking "shady," but they say it
took over 100 soldiers to get him. That caught Barow's eye, and he
decided to take Zegai in as a gladiator.


1.) Hmm, Zerase's a tricky one. Cautious, too. I couldn't find out
much... She's pretty and she wears black. She's got great magical
powers and a very bad attitude. Other than that, that woman is a
walking mistery.

2.) She keeps up a calm face, but people have overheard her
grumbling. Like "the Sword of Night, blah, blah, blah," or "Why do I
have to do this?" What's she talking about? I'm working on that.

3.) You know, I've never, ever seen her sleep. Does she, even? Eh?
Do i usually watch women while they're sleeping, you ask? That's
strictly confidential.


1.) As you may already know, Zunda is a cave dwarf. In order to
improve her cave's ventilation, she's always digging air holes

2.) Most dwarves just dig without thinking, and it's no rare sight
to see a dwarf passed out from lack of oxygen. So Zunda's taken on the
duty of protecting other dwarves from that sort of problem.

3.) Many of the male dwarves are happy as long as they're digging,
but the women seem a little more practical. In Zunda's case, she goes
out of her way to help others. She looks rough, but the dwarves love
her and call her "Sis."


1.) Zweig is both a scholar researching the Sindar civilization and
a master of fighting with the staff. He's the one who discovered the
ruins of the sluice gate.

2.) A few years ago, when Lord Godwin first started gathering up
Sindar civilization experts, Zweig thought it was suspicious and didn't
go. Lucretia heard that he'd refused and tracked him down in secret.
That's how they first met.

3.) Somewhere in Falena, he's got a secret laboratory where he
keeps all kinds of research materials. Lorelai constantly demands that
he take her there, but he just keeps on playing dumb.
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