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 The Phantasy Heaven

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PostSubyek: The Phantasy Heaven   Sun Sep 28, 2008 7:38 am

Episode 1: Introduction 

Vener city, a major city that became the capital of the country "Azkenish" the countries that are in the eastern continent "Luimonesca." 

The city became one of the central government of the country Azkenish. It is a city soldierlike formation of a center-soldiers. Vener in the city, gathered many people strong physically and mentally, and as candidates, "Soldier". 

In the city, a person can and can become a soldier after successfully completing the mission given early as the "key" to become a soldier. Soldier own dream to become children who live in the city Vener. 

Yuichi Ryusuke, a youth who may not be able to do things correctly. However, very diligent practice, good practice to strength or mentalnya. Every time I practice (Although not too often). 

Kegigihannya (Ryu) that create a general tersanjung with. Jude Mezhavoc, one or the general called "EX-Soldier" ( "EX" here means not the former, but "EXTREME", which means that the master is). Nay, Jude and Ryu is a good friend. 

Approximately 1 month ago, Jude Ryu find that not far from the sprawling city gate Vener. Jude also ask Ryu that would live in a house owned by Jude has not dipakainya again. Vener in the city, an ex-soldier was given special treatment from the government itself. 

Jude also will eventually tell Ryu some of the election soldier again. Ryu also trying to practice vengeance before that day arrived. Arriving the day Ryu was given the mission of one of the mission in general but it is only a soldier can do it. 

Ryu means assisted only by those who have not dikenalnya who also want the soldier's position. 

The mission given to Ryusuke is to investigate the ruins of the western sea. With the steady preparation (including mental), Ryusuke also went to the ruins with people who also receive the mission. 

Episode 2: The Meeting 

Ryu and friends to also to the ruins. Arriving there, they look around and see the area as though the ruins of the population is a city. In, and then they disperse to investigate the contents of the debris. 

Ryu see on the wall that many of the relief in the form of strange. Such relief in the form of letters such as ancient. In fact, relief is menuntunnya to a room which is located in the core part of the wreckage. 

Ryu also up in a room, the room is very spacious, which contains numerous bones and there is also a relief to the more complex forms. 

Ryu felt that this place has become a meeting place or a city hall. 

Ryu also inspect surrounding areas if there are dangerous in the place. Suddenly came a friend Ryu. 

Accidentally people see that relief is on the wall and menuntunnya in a dragon picture on the wall, which is very wide and it looks like terhipnotis. 

Ryu find a self-luminous in the chest in debris that none of the lamp. 

Ryu also try to open the box. In fact, the contents of the box is ... a ladder that lead to a room and secarik paper containing "CONGRATULATIONS". 

Ryu also pass through the stairs to the room and that many emasnya (space assets). Gold, including tanks filled swimming pool of eternal life (sense?). 

However, Ryu feel attracted to open the chest that is there. Before approaching the case that, again, Ryusuke find secarik paper that the contents "CHOOSEN THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN IT WIELD." 

In fact, the contents ... a girl who is asleep lelap. Ryu and without any surprise to realize a stumble stone, and he took it into the box containing the girl was and he did not intentionally touch ... 

Suddenly the only girl awake and Ryu has also become almost a fad, and only stumble again. Serpihan-serpihan stone suddenly fell towards Ryu. Ryu voice heard above the drone. 

Ryu also invites the girl back to the main room and without conscious ... they prefer to see the dragon that there is only tulangnya (Dragon Bone). Hobbes girl directly, said, "Who there? There are no men who come to this place. I really hate the man. Dragon is the spirit of the one that will protect the deeds done by humans. "Ryu also said," What mean? I do not understand at all. " 

Suddenly approached Ryusuke Dragon Bone and the girl. Bone Dragon is attacked. Ryu felt that strength is not able to match the power of the dragon and the skill "Thousand Leg." Ryu also fled with the girl was. 

From the tunnel to the tunnel continue to go through a labyrinth of tunnel and eventually they push the end of the road because they select the logjam. "Shit logjam." Rough Ryu. Without conscious Ryu on the road to menuntunnya confidential. Ryu also invites the girl and follow entering the secret. 

However, the last also found the same, namely deadlock. "Although I am weak, but I do not want any other people injured." Ryu words while shivering. Ryu also take action which is a put-off. Ryu mobilize all strength, but the dragon to be very easy. Only with only one attack, Ryu directly injured is very serious. 

Again Ryu attack, but once again the dragon menahannya very easy (one being bitten mosquitoes). The only girl look with a view empty, but slowly, a new girl was unconscious. "Why do you protect? This is only a tool that has been. "Password girl to Ryu. 

Ryu only replied, "I do not know absolutely mengenaimu, but I will not stay silent if someone in danger. Although I am weak, I will still try to protect. What tools mean? "" Kumaksud tool that is ... " 
Girl was suddenly approached and touched hands Ryu .. "It is correct, you have a very sincere and gentle. Kumaksud that this tool. "Body is eradiate girl and suddenly there are signs that appear strange in the left hand of the girl. "Say: Yggdrasil Tree, give me the power to the Battle, the Battle Oath on the set, Reaction!" ... And he (the girl) to be changed sebilah sword in the hands of Ryu. 

The sword is very beautiful, and like berkilauan jewel of the bright moon. "The strength of this kind. I feel all tubuhku a very light sword, and despite this large but lightweight but a scar me? "Says Ryu. 

Episode 3: A Lost Weapon 

Bone Dragon which humans are directly culminate use "Acid Breath" (in other words, the dragon is the smell )(??). Acid Breath of the Dragon Bone issued walls and floors in the ruins and the well wall and floor of exposed to attack a drip. 

Again the Dragon Bone Acid Breath. Ryusuke also have the right strategy to fight the dragon, but he can not think because the dragon continuously attacked him. 

Girl was said, "To the Bone Dragon, do not use brain power, because the Bone Dragon is weak against magic attacks. If you want mengalahkannya, I ayunkanlah (sword) to form the words' Shreeding '. " 

Ryusuke also immediately establish the word 'Shreeding' and suddenly it has drastically changed the air pressure and Dragon Bone split (!?). Dragon Bone body slowly disappeared and Ryusuke see the face of one of his friends. 

Girl was said, "was his view that the relief from the Bone Dragon, so he can dirasuki Bone Dragon." Ryusuke hear the sound reverberating along with wall and floor in the ruins began to crack. Ryusuke: "I shit meanwhile, we are trapped." 

Girl and then changed into the man again and said to Ryusuke if he wants to fast (around it) can help by using the magic "Teleport", but the magic that can only work if the use will unify mind. Ryusuke and girls is also unify their thoughts and eventually "Teleport" I was successful. 

They exit from the ruins of the exact time that the average debris to the ground. Suddenly the only girl fainted. Ryusuke not immediately invite friends with the girl to return to the city Vener. 

Episode 4: Becoming EX-Soldier or an Assassin 

In the journey to the city Vener, girl was finally sober. 

After being asked about its existence, it had to answer if he named Ren Heavenheit and he is one of the Mistress. 

Ryusuke it first Ren lead to the house to rest. Ryusuke then go to the Dome (Where People Soldier). 

Ryusuke there have been waiting for the general-general, including Jude. Jude say goodbye to Ryusuke because Ryusuke has finally become an official "Soldier". Jude is said to the soldier and all the general election will be a "EX-Soldier." 

The next day. Jude is a holiday for 1 week to invite Ryusuke for training as usual in the forest while test the extent to which developing Ryusuke. They compete each other, Ryusuke with pedangnya ability and the ability tombaknya with Jude. Although it is certainly Jude, who always win. 

A day later, the local government arrived, with a very steady Ryusuke to the Dome to take the exam to become a "EX-Soldier." However, after up there, Ryusuke see many people later sadarkan themselves. Ryusuke also go to the general place, but there Ryusuke only see a casualty again. 

Suddenly the "EX-Soldier" to come to that place. They captured Ryusuke and will be at the hearing. Ryusuke feel confused because he just up and many people have been killed. And eventually in prison. 

"Shit ... why people all guilty I said. Ciiih ... what should I do now. "Ryusuke in the rough. 

Episode 5: Ren is Missing 

Reeve also brought back for re-hearing and ultimately Reeve said, "If I can not catch the original suspects, I'm willing to go." 

After hearing the statement that Reeve is very steady, the judges finally decided to give a period of 2 weeks to Reeve to arrest suspects the original. 

Reeve also immediately rushing to her house, but it disappeared Ren. This makes the panic Reeve. Reeve also directly go out and ask people if they see a girl that is not too high that long. 

However, no one knows. Reeve also frustrating start running and not necessarily the direction. Step foot Reeve appeared to bring a drink stalls. There, he finally will get instructions presence Ren. Ren brought by people in shops set of blue that not one of those associations from the Assassin in the southern city Vener. 

Episode 6: The Trouble With Guild 

After knowing that Ren stolen by people Assassin guild, Reeve also did not stay silent. Reeve carry equipment and supplies are enough and then go to the places mentioned. (That is Assassin Guild). 

In the middle of the journey, Reeve who see the sudden thirst only to meet with someone. However, before Reeve see the faces of people, he first fainted. 

Reeve made in a room, exactly a room. Reeve is not absolutely know where he is now. 

When Reeve view from the window, he saw the face of crowds who may be "Assassin". 

Suddenly it came a youth. "What you have Fortunately sober?" Ask that person. "Actually this is? And you who own it? ", Reeve question. 

Finally, the man admitted. He called Loon, and he is the one included in the guild. 

Loon confused want to say what then pointing to a table. Ryusuke it approached the table and they have prepared a paper that contains a job to kill someone (!?). Loon then said, "Now, this guild is there are many problems. 

Many Assassin from other countries that ngaku-admitted as a member of this guild in order not to catch the soldiers Vener. Ren? Who is it? "Ryusuke feel that the people who called Loon is not the person who killed soldiers in the city Vener.Ryusuke:" Continuing this where? "Loon said only that here is the" Assassin Guild. "

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PostSubyek: Re: The Phantasy Heaven   Sun Sep 28, 2008 7:41 am

Untuk pemberian saran harap di post yg satunya ... Klo nambahin cerita dapat langsung di upload di sini !!!Maaf translator nya agak eror jadi sebagian blum ter-translate secara betul ...
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The Phantasy Heaven
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